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    I'm really interested in how others do their lesson planning. Do you go through each subject online for each child (I'm homeschooling 3 grades) and locate the quizzes, tests and resources and schedule them into your week with the activities? This seems so time consuming. It would be very helpful if the lesson plans included them in the list of activities.

    Does anyone require their children to spend a certain amount of time in each subject to be covered for that day as opposed to assigning a number of activities or lessons?

    Thanks, Diana

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    Having the quizzes, tests and resources included in the lesson plans WOULD be very helpful!

    I assign a number of activities or lessons as opposed to requiring a certain amount of time. It is difficult to guage how long each lesson will take to complete to make it come out right in a set time frame. Also, my ds seems to do better if I give him clear, simple instructions like, do two lessons of this and two lessons of that, then we will go on to something else. Another reason, he's not watching the clock all the time!


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