Planning on homeschooling in the fall
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    Question Planning on homeschooling in the fall

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and I've been teaching her and letting her play learning apps and games and she LOVES leapfrog DVDs. She can read 3 letter words easily (pretty instantly) pauses for most 4 letter words and knows some 5 and 6 letter words. She confuses orange with brown and pink with red, but otherwise is great with colors. She's starting to add.... she's not thrillingly great at it, but she does try. She gets carried away with her love of numbers and just starts spouting them out instead of answering the question. She loves the apps I got for her on my Kindle and her Leapster2, though she still hasn't mastered the arrow keys.

    The problem is, she's not good with a mouse. I have a laptop, so I really didn't teach her much with one. When I try to let her use one she gets ecstatic about the different buttons and just wants to play with them. She'll gladly point to the right answers and she has nearly mastered The Monkey School apps (she mastered the preschool one).

    She knows the letters in her name and can spell a few 3 letter words out loud. She can write letters on a tablet with her finger easily, but gets frustrated with a crayon or pencil and scribbles over what she was writing. She likes to color, but doesn't even try to color inside the lines or match colors to reality. She's really good at matching and memory games and can assemble her 25 piece Thomas the train wooden puzzles. She's good with patterns.

    I'm thinking about disabling the other buttons on the mouse, just need to make sure I won't need right click for anything.

    Do I need to join well before I sign up for homeschooling (in my state you have to declare you're doing it) and let her do the pre-k stuff or is she already past that?

    Oh! Also, are there any Apps for this so I can let her learn on the go?

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    Don't look now...but it would seem that you already ARE homeschooling! It's great that your daughter already knows as much as she does, but I felt I needed to caution you against too much pressure at too young an age. She sounds like a bright girl, but even "gifted" children (I hate that term....aren't we all "gifted" in one way or another?) can burn out if drilled too much and too early.

    T4L seems like a great tool (I plan on using it this fall with my...ugh!...6th grader), but I might suggest holding off on any formal curriculum until she is a little older. If there is anything I have learned in the 5 years we have been homeschooling, it would be to relax about what he "should" be learning. Chances are he'll be able to read his college textbooks when it's time.

    Good luck to you!


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