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    Default Pre-k ?

    Hi all,
    I'm happy to say things are going great with my son he is very happy. I still worry he is not getting enough but that's just me a worrier.

    My daughter is 4 and im considering using t4l for her as well. Anyone using it for there younger children?
    Thoughts ideas

    Thank you

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    Hi, desnew2hs

    Welcome to Time4Learning. So glad things are going well with your son! I've been homeschooling 13 years and that feeling of my kids never getting enough has always been a constant. I've learned, though, that I will never teach my kids all there is to learn/know. Actually, I'm learning with them and I will never know it all either. lol

    Time4Learning starts at pre-k. So, yes, you can use it for your 4-year-old. I would find things to do with her that are hands-on also. Some crafts and activities. Maybe also go on hikes or walks at the park and learn about insects, birds, plants (science). The possibilities are endless.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums.....
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    Kids don't really "need" curriculum for pre-K. They need time to play and access to resources for their creativity and curiosity. Formal curriculum materials are fine if the child enjoys them- but it's also OK if they don't. Young children's "work" is play- it's how they evaluate the world and grow their brains.

    If I was using TFL for a 4 year old, I wouldn't "make her" do a certain number of activities per week, nor would I try to control how many of each subject she did at a time. I'd simply have the entire pre-K curriculum available to her as "computer games" and let her own natural curiosity move her forward in whichever subject interested her at the time. I'd also provide plenty of hands-on things like dolls, building blocks, coloring materials, etc.
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