Print Friendly Scope & Sequence?
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    Default Print Friendly Scope & Sequence?

    It would be GREAT if T4L provided a print friendly version of the Lesson Plans (Scope & Sequence)!

    They are fine for viewing on the site, but when I try to print them out, much of the pages are cut off, namely all the Learning Activity numbers and I have to go back and hand write them all in.

    Is this a problem for anyone else? If not, then it could just be my settings or something...or it could be ME - I rarely print web pages, so I'm probably not doing it right. I tried to copy/paste everything into a word document but that didn't work for me either. Any other suggestions??

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    I don't have problems printing them. However, the last lesson code of each page does split between pages. Other than that, it prints just fine.

    Maybe try doing a print preview before you print, and then you can make adjustments there.

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