Question prior to joining...our family needs help to hs
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    Default Question prior to joining...our family needs help to hs


    This is our 7th year of homeschooling. I am having difficulties with it, but I do not want to give it up as it is my joy. I am sick and have pain in my throat and vocal cords, so my methods of literature based learning have become to hard.

    My son is in highschool now. But I have two daughters at home in grades 2 and 6. The grade 2 one is fine, but the grade 6 daughter needs help mostly in math as well as english. I also have a difficult time tutoring her with math as the younger one is always wanting attention. If I sign up, would it be possible to just search the math scope and sequence for a proper starting point? Do some of you use this math curriculum alone? She needs explanation of new lessons in math and I am not always able to help her. Wondering if she could start this fairly independantly after breakfast. Also, does the math include writing problems down for records or is it all online work?

    Is it ok to come in for just a few months in the middle of a school year like this and continue until June? Have others done that?

    Thanks so much for your a quandry here and desperately want to keep my girls at home.


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    Hi, Jan. Many families begin in the middle of a year. Many also use Time4Learning for just one subject.

    Click here for information on using Time4Learning for math.

    You can view the scope and sequence here. If you find that the level where you have initially placed your daughter needs adjustment, it can be changed at any time.

    Most math lessons include printable worksheets. Some parents choose not to use the printables. Some use the printables only for reinforcement of concepts the student is finding especially challenging. Some families use all of the worksheets.

    Math is probably the most difficult subject for independent study. Time4Learning is designed for independent study, but most students will need parental help at least occasionally. What I appreciate is that the program does most of the work for me . . . introducing the concept, explaining it, and providing practice problems. If my child still has questions at that point, at least I'm not starting from scratch in teaching him. And . . . a bonus! . . . the online lessons, quizzes and tests are GRADED for me!

    Especially with math, because of experiences with my own children, I usually advise starting the student a grade level lower than you think he is working. This is my personal advice, rather than something Time4Learning suggests. It takes a little time to become accustomed to any new curriculum. If you find you need to increase your child's grade level later, that's a morale booster for him or her.

    Have you seen the Demos? Check out the Greater Than/Less Than lesson under the fourth and fifth grade demos to get an idea of what the lessons are like. (The initial little "game" is just there so you have something to do while the lesson is loading.)

    I hope this helps you make some decisions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Jan,

    We use Time4Learning only for the Language Arts. I know many families use it just for one subject.
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    When we first started, a year ago, we used it just for math. We had a boxed curric. and Tristan was way ahead of what it had for math. Turns out, he's not a textbook kid at all and we use T4L as our base curric now.


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    I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling physically. No fun!

    We started mid February last year. We only took a break for part of the summer. We hs year round.

    You still may need to get out the chalkboard and explain some concepts but as long as the grade level is not too difficult for your children they should be able to do T4L without much trouble.

    Now go drink some hot herbal tea with honey and rest your voice.

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    Default Thanks to All

    Hello Ladies,

    Thanks for your replies. The more demos I look at, the more I think this could be very useful for us in other subjects as well.

    We are in the middle of a mini-unit study in our homeschool, but in about one more week, we will be finished and it will be a good time to try T4L with my older daughter. Hopefully, by fall, I can sign my younger one up as well.

    I'm a bit excited and feel a lot more encouraged after reading responses here and going through a lot of posts on the board. Thanks so much!


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    I will tell you what someone told me that was a huge help:

    There is a "learning curve" to learning this program. About 2 weeks or so. So if you are frustrated(as I was), switching to t4l isn't an immediate relief.

    That being said, it is absolutely wonderful!! I love being able to switch to another level, if it is too easy or too hard. I love that you can see where the child failed and have him do the lesson again or print out a worksheet for more reinforcement. I love the way they are being taught and I can assist them as needed. I don't have to figure out how to explain things anymore! Yay!

    I love that each of my children gets a custom, full education. My youngest and my oldest would sometimes get left out (when I was homeschooling on my own), while I tried to teach my middle kiddos.T4L has been just the boost I needed.

    The Sci and Social Studies aren't animated as in the demos. The lower levels of 1 and 2 are more animated, but the 3, 4, 5 and 6th grade levels that I have seen are read silently by the student.

    I put my older child in a lower level(than his grade level) of SS because it covers material we had been reading about before coming to t4l. I think it will be a great review!

    Hope anything of this helps! And I do hope you feel better soon.

    Sincerely, Jennifer
    Mother to 4, teacher to 5
    3 kids using T4L: DD7, DS11 and the neighbor's grandson age 12

    T4L helps me homeschool while dealing w/ ADD, ADHD, SPD, dyslexia,dysgraphia, low comprehension,LD

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