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    If I post this twice I am sorry, just figuring out the site.

    I am wanting to home school my 8 year old who is currently in 2nd grade in public school. But I had some questions I wanted to get answered before paying Month1. I am sorry if people have asked in the future, or if they have been recently answered, I fished through some posts but not all.

    My first thing is, its almost the end of the year now, and my son has missed a TON of school due to illnesses. I am wanting to do home school for one to help him through and pass this year. My questions for this are: Do I need to just have him take the tests for the lessons for grade level 2, and see where he stands? Hes very smart, and top of his class currently.

    Second thing: After completely finishing the lessons he would then move on to third grade and thus forward, what happens if he decides next year he wants to go into public school and that homeschooling is just not something he can do? What exactly would I need to do, if this were the case? How would the school board do this. I also was wondering if he tested out of 2nd grade and finished up 3rd. would they them put him in 4th when returning to public school?

    I am open to any suggestions or help. This is all so new to me, but I am up for the challenge. I just want to be sure I have an idea of what to expect if this just doesn't work out with him. Thanks for your time!!!


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    Good Morning Desiree,

    These were great questions. First of all, as far as taking your child out of school to homeschool and then putting him back in differs from state to state. I think those questions would best be answered on our State Forums.

    As far as figuring out where to start your child. I would suggest a couple of things. First of all, I would start them where you "think" they are working. One of coolest little features of this program is that you have access to the grade before and after, as well as the one you are currently working in. So, if your son was working in 4th grade you would see at the top of the page little bubbles that said, 3,4 5. Each number represents the grade level.

    The reason they do this is so that even if your child is working at a 4th grade level sometimes they need to go back to review a concept to understand it. However, if you needed to totally change your grade level. (Maybe it was way off) Time4Learning can do that right over the phone. In my experience, I've not seen the county schools jump a child up a grade level except in very rare occassions.

    I hope this helped somewhat? Let us know how it goes and don't forget to visit your state forum page so those moms can tell you exactly how to go about bringing him home and then eventually putting him back.

    In HIS Love,
    Mary, Child of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! Wife to best friend and Mama to her four boys 91, 96, 00, 02, Homeschooling since 1998! Come visit us on our blog!

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