questions for a 5 year old severely autistic but smart kid
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    Default questions for a 5 year old severely autistic but smart kid

    I have some questions:

    1.) when a child has finished a lesson , subject or whatever you call it, can he go back and take it again as many times as he likes?

    2.) lets say a child does time 4 learning everyday for 30 minutes or 1 hour or two hours, does a parent or adult have to sit beside the child to supervise what he is doing?? or does this web application tell the kid what to do?

    3.) If a child picks the wrong choice or followed instructions incorrectly, is there a verbal feedback telling the kid to try again or telling the kid he picked the incorrect answer??

    4.)My 5 year old kid is familiar with left mouse clicks and typing(with verbal prompts) on the keyboard. He has difficulty with dragging the mouse eitherdue to his motor skills or maybe because I have not taught him enough how to drag the mouse. Is dragging a mouse critical to doing a most of the lessons?? I'm planning to atart him with the pre-school level since he is DD autistic.

    5.) does this program require a microphone and verbal responses from the kid?? because my kid has zero expressive speech. His receptive is for the most part ok as long as he pays attention =)

    Thanks so much !

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    1. Lessons can be repeated as many times as desired.

    2. Lessons, especially at the lower levels, verbally instruct the child on what to do. It's nice to have a parent available if the child has questions, but you don't need to sit right there. Some parents chooses to sit with their kids either part or all of the time.

    3. The child receives feedback for his answers, except for tests and quizzes. (There are no tests or quizzes at the preschool level, and few at the kindergarten level.)

    4. There are probably more dragging activities at the preschool level than at higher levels, although this mouse skill isn't required for every activity and those activities are easily skipped. When you sign up, you will have access to the kindergarten level, also. You might look at lessons from both levels, to see which are more appropriate for your child. Preschool is quite a bit different from the rest of the curriculum.

    5. You do not need a microphone, and the child does not need to be able to speak to use this program.

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