I am thinking of pulling my 7 year old son from regular school in a couple of weeks and trying a 2 month homeschooling run. If it works for him and us, we will likely not go back to regular school but there are reasons I think regular school is probably important for him. The impetus to do this now is he an elite level athlete. THe National Championship is in April. He is also gifted (likely highly gifted). The official testing for the school district's gifted program is going on right now and should be done bythe time I pull him from regular school. It is quite possible that I will need to put him back in regular school by the end of the school year so that he does not lose his spot in his very desirable public school. I live in a state where we don't have any minimum requirements for homeschooling and the truth is that I want to do the minimum to allow him to focus on his athletic training for a month but I want to do enough to test whether homeschooling is a good fit for us. So onto my questions

He is in second grade but works at a 4th grade or higher level in most subjects. Am I limited to one grade level for all the subjects? In otherwords, can I have him do highschool math, 2nd grade social studies, and 4th grade reading?

Will we be able to get anything out of the program if we only use it for a month?

Am I understanding that you buy the program a month at a time. Is that correct? So could I have him do all of second grade in a month if he is capable?

How is T4L with gifted kids? My son is not gifted in the sense that he likes to think and ponder a lot (although he might if someone ever presented something to him that required it) but more that he just learns extremely fast and has no patience for drills and all those other things that help people understand things. Like you teach him that 2 apples plus 4 apples is 6 apples and he understands all addition to a 100% level. Obviously, traditional school drives him nuts.

Just looking for some guidance. I need to make some decisions quickly.