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    I just have a quick question I am currently home schooling a friends daughter who will graduate this year in May although her sister is 27 and is still being home schooled! strange right her mother ask me if that is normal and to my knowldge it is not the question is am I able to take over her home schooling to get her graduated? The gal only has school once a week for two hours and so she is not learning much and is 27 years old for goodness sake she is old enough to be out of school any help would be great thank you so much!

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    Perhaps she has learning challenges and school is taking her a very long time. Perhaps she is just now interested in school. If she is willing to do the work, then go for it. I would focus on her getting her GED though. I think she needs way more than once a week. She can do what needs to be done in 2-3 hours a day easily though, but not just one day a week. Just my opinion.

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