Re-integrating into English based curriculum
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    Default Re-integrating into English based curriculum

    I am trying to decide if this program will work for my child. She is 10 and had spent the past four years in Germany in German schools.

    She has lost much if her spelling and grammar in English and I am not sure what her math experience was like compared to grade level in US curriculum. She will be starting in an English speaking svhool in Sept. Would this be a good daily pprogra to get her up to speed?

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    Hi there and welcome to Time4Learning. Maybe you could start her at a lower grade level to work on her grammar? With Time4Learning, you can select different levels for different subjects.

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    Hi, Casoakes! A lot of parents with a similar situation choose to start their student a little below the level they estimate they are working at in each subject. Then they have the student take each chapter test before they do the lessons in that chapter. If they do well on the test, they do not do the lessons in that chapter. If they do not do well on the test, they do the lessons in that chapter and try again. Then they move on to the next chapter test to see if it's necessary for them to complete the lessons in the next chapter.

    In this way, the student is only studying material they have not already learned and they can usually progress quickly.

    Maybe this method will work for your student.

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