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    Is there a reading list for students? I have a 5th grader and an 8th grader. I want them to read library books and write book reports. I'm not seeing where these are assigned in the language arts curriculum, are there?

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    Julia, there are suggested reading lists within your parent login. These are just suggested books . . . not at all required. I don't remember any book report assignments in the language arts curriculum, although there are a lot of lessons that teach kids how to think about and analyze what they read.

    I used to go online and search "book report forms", print a variety of them, and have my kids choose one to fill out when they finished a book. I eventually realized it was a great way to make my kids hate reading. That's MY kids, and yours may be different. There is a feeling of freedom in realizing our kids don't have to do something just because our teachers made us do it in public schools. When I analyzed what my kids were actually learning with book reports, I began to suspect book reports were about keeping the class busy. You may have a specific purpose for wanting book reports, and that's another great thing about homeschooling. You can assign whatever you think will be valuable for your own kids.

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