Regarding multiple computers and other concerns
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    Question Regarding multiple computers and other concerns

    Hello! Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this post.

    My questions:

    1. Does time for learning become "harder" or "easier" depending on my child's amount of correct/incorrect responses? In other words, are the lessons tailored to my child's individual progress?

    2. If so, I wonder: If my children use different computers in our home, will TFL "know" my child on a different computer?

    3. Does one "graduate" from a grade level? Are certificates available to print out?

    4. If we cancel our subscription, will we have access to our old account should we re-register? Let's say we cancel since we know we will not be using the program during the summer. When we return in the fall, will my student have to re-complete previous work in order to get back to where she was?

    Thanks again for any and all responses!

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    Welcome to does not remember a child according to the IP address they use. It is based on their log in account. So you can use computers at home, the library or even Grandma's house.

    If your child needs to rework a lesson the examples they use are usually the same but the practice, quiz and test problems are usually different. No so much harder but different.

    As for Graduation or promotion to the next level. You the parent move your child to the next level (grade) Other then printing out the year end report. I am unaware of any certificate that can be printed for finishing the completed level. Maybe Kelly will come along and answer that question better. offers a vacation/dormant account status for when you need to take off.

    When Time4Learning members take a few months vacation, they can go "dormant" rather than cancelling their membership and losing their records. This allows students to continue right where they left off.

    Going "Dormant" puts your account on hold for a monthly fee of $4 per child.

    When you go dormant, we will bill you a one time fee (months x children x $4). Your normal billing will resume after the end date of the dormant period you've chosen.

    This can be processed under the Parent Sign in Page.

    I hope I answered your questions. If you have anymore please feel free to ask.
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