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    Hi, my daughter is in 7th (but WAY below that level). We used T4L for 3rd and 4th. The problem back then was, she needed more lessons for each concept than what was offered here. I look back and see that I should have just supplemented that.
    Now, she is a lot better and I don't think she'll need more for each lesson than what's offered here. Our family life and situation has made it very hard to do homeschool, she is VERY behind in everything. On top of that, I had to start working at night. (but I had to quit because of knee injury)
    I was trying to find and plan everything myself for each subject. We just can't afford online programs, academies, etc. It was VERY HARD and it took SO much time to do this. That's Part of the reason she is so behind.
    Last week we put her in public online school. I should have KNOWN that was a HUGE mistake! See, she was in public from K-2 and they wouldn't help her with her problems. This online school touted that kids can work at their own pace, help when needed, etc.
    They SKIPPED the first 40 to 50 lessons for EACH subject so she wouldn't be behind the pace of the rest of the students!
    Oh I could go on and on. They have shown me in MANY ways that they aren't about to help her, even though they 'say' they are.
    It has been only a WEEK and it was horrible! I am SO GLAD to be joining again, maybe we can get some peace now.

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    Hello sisymay, welcome back! We tried virtual public school once and only lasted half a semester, so I understand. If you need to supplement, be sure to check our sister sites, SpellingVocabularyCity and Vocabulary_Fun, and HomeschoolLiterature, all are free to use and have awesome resources.

    Best wishes to you and your sweet daughter.

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