Is this right for us?
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    Default Is this right for us?

    My son just finished 2nd grade in public school and has struggled with reading and spelling for most of his school career. He is barely reading at a 2nd grade level. The teacher recommended summer reading school, but my daughter was in it last summer and I did not feel it would help him at all. So then I looked at getting him a tutor. Not many options around here for tutoring other than high school students. So now I am looking at getting an online program to help him over the summer. He loves to work on the computer so I am looking for a computer program that we can work on nightly. I have google searched many different programs and I keep coming back to Time 4 Learning. Would this program help improve my son's reading level over the summer? He will be going into 3rd grade and I would love for him to be reading at a 3rd grade level when school starts. He is so good at math but he just is not interested in reading and spelling. I need to do something and hope this is the way to go! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I would say it will. Both of my boys learned to read with the program and are light years ahead of where they'd be if they were in school. I love this program! You can start him right where he is at and move on from there!

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    My 9yo has really struggled with reading and this program has helped her tremendously!! She's going into 4th in public school. I was able to bring her from below grade level in Kindergarten to above grade level in 3rd.
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