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    ok, let's first say, "wow, this is scary!" My son is in the gifted and talented program in school. He has been bullied for two years, so we are pulling him out. He needs to be challenged. He is very smart and likes to get things done quickly.

    Paying the monthly cost can I use 4 grade math and 5 grade reading?
    Can I use supplemental material?
    How will I know how he is doing in his classes?
    Is there quarterly tests?
    Do I have to keep lesson plans?
    I am scared the school dept. is going to complain. What do I need to tell them?
    How do I know my son is getting an adequate education?
    Sorry, just scared
    becky Long

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    Ok, let's back up. There is NOTHING to be afraid of... AT ALL! Seriously! It will all come together... I promise! First, I commend you for pulling your son from school. I bet it'll be the best decision you ever made and a year or two from now you'll look back and wonder what you were so worried about.

    Your questions.
    1. You can certainly use 4th grade math and 5th grade reading. That is the beauty of homeschooling and using Time4Learning. You can skip around however you see fit. Generally you get access to all the material for 3 grades I do believe. The grade you are registered for and the one above and the one below. If you need something else just tell the T4L people and they will fix it for you.
    2. You can use all the supplemental material in the world. Anything you want. YOU are in the driver's seat and YOU get to determine exactly what you will and will not have your child learn.
    3. How will you know how he is doing in his classes? Well there are two ways. 1, you can sit with him from time to time and see how he is doing. I do this with mine. Actually I sit with them a lot. And/or you can print the reports from the parent login. It'll give you all the details on his test and quiz results and other information.
    4. As far as I've experienced there are no quarterly tests. There really aren't any quarters. You move at your own pace as fast or as slow as fits you and your child. But there are tests and quizzes on subject matter regularly.
    5. Lesson plans? I suppose that is up to you. There are some detailed lesson information in the program that you can review. Personally I don't. I don't do less plans. I might keep a chart of what I want to get accomplished but it'll say (Language Arts, 4 lessons) and that's it.
    6. No reason at all to fear the school dept. So what if they complain. It isn't their business. What you need to tell them depends on the state you live in. Some states require forms, others don't. I'm not familiar with Virginia but I'm sure it won't be hard to figure it all out.

    RELAX! Right now you are right, it feels like the scariest thing you've ever done. We are so engrained to believe school is it that we feel like we are committing a crime to do anything else. You are not. You are doing a wonderful thing. It'll be ok! And if it doesn't work out he can always go back in a year or two or five or whatever!

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    Thank you "momma Crystal" I know I can do it Thanks for answering my numerous questions

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    We are currently doing 2nd grade language arts extension, 3rd grade science and social studies, and 4th grade language arts and math. You can do whatever your child needs. That's one of the great things about this program.

    I print out the lesson plans for the course each time we begin a new grade level in a subject. After my son is finished working each day I write in the scores on each of his lessons. That way I can see if we need to do a lesson over or maybe we can skip a lesson or two depending on how he does. I keep this in a notebook. When he finished with that particular grade level I print out a final report.

    As far as what to tell the school district, that depends a lot on the state. I would go to the forum for your state and ask this question. Go to the top of this page where it says state forums. Click on that. Then when the drop down menu comes up just click on your state.

    Now relax. You're doing the right thing.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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