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    Default Schedule/Lesson Plan

    Was wondering if anyone has developed a personal daily schedule or lesson plan for the summer.

    I have looked at the posted scope and sequence...that is great, but I was wondering if anyone has made up a schedule/calender/lesson plan for the summer or has any detailed suggestions one how to break up the subjects into a daily schedule.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default attempting that

    I am attempting to do something along those lines. I started with copying the lesson plans, then formating them to print well in the word processer. Not sure where I will go with it from there.

    The main reason I am doing this is because my 12 year old wants to be assigned a certain amount of work for the summer, and then be done when he finishes it. (He'd have to start again after our summer trip)

    So I need to go through everything and figure out what a fair amount of "stuff" is for the amount of time he has.

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    Default Re: Schedule/Lesson Plan

    I have found that breaking up Language arts into separate subjects is very helpful. During the Summer, I will focus on teaching my son Language Arts and Math for the up and coming grade level. Then during the school year, I will use all subjects to reinforce what is being learned through the school year.

    Language Arts
    -Reading: 1st 7 Topics, Pioneers...Famous Americans
    -Comprehend & Respond
    -Written Communication or Convention of Language (either one, every other day)

    Also, We printed out the Lesson Plans. I divided the total number of lessons over the allotted number of days, to find out how many lessons in each subject should be done daily. Then as my son completes each lesson, we highlight, with a highlighter, the lesson activity numbers that was completed. We also make note of the Quizzes done by notating a Q at the end of the section.

    Our plan for the summer is as follows (this is for the 4th grade level):

    Language Arts: 30 days(Each category - daily)
    -Reading (2 days per Lesson Code)
    -Comprehend & Respond (1 day per Lesson Code)
    -Grammer (1 day per Lesson Code)
    -Literature (2 days per Lesson Code
    -Written Communication or Convention of Language (either subject, every other day) (1 day per Lesson Code)

    Math: 30 days

    (2 Lesson codes per day)

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