Scheduling for a sixth grader
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    Default Scheduling for a sixth grader

    I am thinking of using time4learning next year but after dividing up the lessons over a years time, I came up with 9-10 math lessons a week which would be about 2 each day. This sounds like a lot when we are used to one lesson a day. Need some input. Thanks!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    Have you looked at the math lessons? One lesson activity at the sixth grade level takes about 15 minutes, so doing two per day shouldn't be a problem.

    What math curriculum are you using now?

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    Hi Charotte,

    We started in 7th grade math. If 6th grade is the same, each activity is usually short. There are three activities in most of the lessons. There is a "Teach Me" component, then a "Let Me Try" component, then a "Quiz Me" component. If you do one lesson from teach to quiz, you've done three activities. You can let your child try it and then go to the reports section to see how much time they spent. It's all logged in there how much time they spent on each activity. If you think it's too much or too little, you can adjust it as you go. We love the math curriculum with T4L. My daughter was always good at math but never liked it until we started this. Good Luck.

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