Science and social studies... Do they come at extra cost?
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    Default Science and social studies... Do they come at extra cost?

    Hello everyone! My name is Suzie and my daughter Maribeth is impatiently waiting for our trial membership to be activated. We are starting with preschool and may start my younger daughter as well if she shows and interest. She is still working on mastering the mouse so I think we'll have to wait a bit for her.

    Anyway, my main question doesn't pertain to us yet since we are only at pre-K but I'd still like to know. Is the Science and social studies and extra cost option? Are there any other extra cost options with this program?

    And since this is my first post I might as well answer the into questions...

    - Are using Time4Learning as afterschool enrichment or as homeschool curriculum?

    Homeschooling. Maribeth will be attending preschool in the fall but it is a place to play with her friends. She is getting her extras there as well - gymnastics, soccer, signing, dance, etc. She attended school last year as well and doesn't want to give it up. We are seriously considering fully homeschooling for kindergarten. I have been home schooling her now for a year. She yearns for challenges and I hope that this program will keep her engaged.

    - Do your children like learning on the computer? Do your children have special learning issues? Are they gifted?

    Maribeth loves her computer games.

    - Why have you started with Time4Learning? What were your first reactions?

    I heard about it from a homeschooling friend - to whom I'd like to give credit for the referral. How do I do that? My first impression was that this looks like a very professionally run business and the learning style looks great for us so what do we have to lose with the trial membership.

    - Which subjects or types of lessons do you find your children get the most out of?

    Maribeth is a sponge. Anyway you throw it at her she will just soak it up.

    I look forward to enjoying this program and participating in these forums.


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    Hi, Suzie! Welcome!

    Science and social studies are included as a free bonus. There are no extra cost options. Everything you need is included in your subscription price.

    Thanks for introducing yourself and Maribeth.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Suzie,

    It seems your daughter Maribeth is similar to mine. My daughter, Isabella has just turned 4 & I have decided to homeschool her for the next year. The preschool she was going to wasn't offering her enough academically, she enjoyed playing with her friends, but she asked me if I could homeschool her as she learns more from me then she did at preschool. (She is a very mature 4 year old). We do lots of sporting activites & she organizes a couple of playdates a week. She has fantastic social skills - makes friends everywhere!!! I'm enjoying homeschooling as I now have the time to travel with her & take her to museums etc. (We go somewhere at least once a week)

    My daughter is just about to start the 1st grade Maths with T4L. We started on Kindergarten & she breezed through that within 3 months. I am also doing MathUSee - Alpha with her. She really enjoys this espeically working out the problems with the manipulatives!!

    She is doing Language Arts Kindergarten with T4L, we also do Hooked on Phonics plus we read minimum of 1 hour a day. (Broken up in 2 - 3 intervals). Our library is obviously our friend!!!

    My daughter absolutely loves the science on T4L! We have just started (credit to hearthstone_academy who told me about this site) We are doing the Social Studies in T4L but very slowly, it just hasn't grabbed her attention. (Due to my child's interests not the T4L content)

    For writing we do kumon books & she writes out her 5 word weekly spelling list which gets tested on, she enjoys to type the words as well as write. She also writes a weekly letter to one of her freinds or family. (Obviously with help with spelling any difficult words) Plus she just lights up when she gets a letter in the post... so much better then an email!

    My daughter loves doing her school work on the computer. She considers it all play & I follow her timetable & interest level. She has been learning Chinese for a year & is about to start Spanish. We also do lots of art, unfortunately we haven't the time to do music yet. I've been advised by teachers that they believe she is gifted, but I haven't felt the need to get her evaluated. As long as she is having fun, I'm happy to continue with what we are doing.

    All the best for Maribeth! I hope she has as much fun with T4L & learning in general as my Isabella does.

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