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    Hi, I'm just checking this out and my dd is very excited about it as am I! I would love to have something that challenges and is fun! I'm wondering how the self-paced part of it works, does it move on to the next lesson when they pass the lesson, does it keep them at a certain level until they master it? Does the parent make the lesson plans or is it student driven by what they master and what they need more work on? I guess I'm just wondering how it flows, is it parent led with the parent deciding what is done and when or is it student led in that it tries different activities until they become mastered and then it moves onto the next level or step?

    I hope that makes sense Another way to ask might be is is more like leapfrog technology in that they start out and it gets "harder" as they master more or is it parent planned as the parent looks at progress and decides what needs to be learned next?

    Natalie <><

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    Hi Natalie,

    Your child can go as fast or slow as they wish. You can work the lessons as they are, or you can skip around. You can repeat lessons and tests as necessary. If you repeat a test, the grade will be an average. Also, the questions will be different, so they are not just taking the exact same test again. If you complete the lesson, the icon will say Completed. When they pass the final test, it will say Mastered. The star icon represents an activity. It will spin when it is completed. Some things are non-graded. There are always arrows that point to the next lesson as they are working. Have you watched any of the demos? That might help.

    The lesson plans basically give you the activity name, objectives, whether or not there is a worksheet you can print, if there any quizzes or tests, if there are any teaching guides...

    Whatever level your child is placed at, keep in mind they have that level and the one above and below that they can use. For example, if your child is placed at grade or level 4, they have access to grades 3, 4, and 5 within each subject. This is great for kids who are a little ahead in some subjects and maybe a bit behind in another.

    Actually, I am going to give you two links that will explain things much better than I.

    Hints and Help

    Getting Started with Time4Learning

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