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Thread: Several questions

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    Default Several questions

    My daughter's 7th grade homeschooling (2015-16 school year) has been "ragged" and I'm considering having her do T4L (7th grade lang. arts, science, history, math) over the summer to be sure she's ready for 8th grade next fall, when she may go to a "brick and mortar school." I have several questions:

    1. We tried an online math program once before and my daughter "cheated" by switching screens and playing computer games on different sites whenever I wasn't in the room. (Embarrassing to admit my kid did this, but...) I discovered she was cheating because that math program logged her out every time there was 5 minutes with no activity, sp she had to log back in repeatedly, and all the log-ins were recorded in the parent report. Does T4L have some mechanism like this that helps a parent detect "computer game cheating"?

    2. Is there somewhere I can see the estimated length of each lesson, so I can get an idea whether my daughter's working at a reasonable pace?

    3. Is there a way I can set up my daughter's assignments for the day (or better yet, the week) so that she sees them on the computer and I don't have to tell her what to do next?

    4. Will the planning tool work to plan all of 7th grade to be covered in 3 to 3.5 months?

    5. How are grades reported? A, B, C etc.? Or percentages of correct answers? Or both? I would like to have my daughter take a chapter test and if she passes it with, say, 88% correct, she can skip ahead to the next chapter. If T4L gives letter grades, can you tell me what the corresponding percentages would be?

    6. My daughter tried the 7th grade math demo this morning and complained it was too easy, and because of that it was boring. My guess is that in math she'd whiz through 7th grade and into 8th, and maybe even need to go into high school level. But in science she's definitely middle school level. Would it be possible to do high school level in one or two subjects, and 7th or 8th grade in the other subjects?

    Thank you very much for your help with these questions! I already see many ways that T4L would be helpful to us and I'm hoping it works out for us to use it...

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    Hi Kayla!

    1 - There isn't a way through the Time4Learning curriculum to prevent her from opening another tab or browser and doing something else while she is supposed to be doing math. Having said that, any time she's idle and gets timed out, when she goes back into T4L, she will either pick up where she left off, or in some cases, have to start over again. My boys can take a looooong time to complete a math lesson and they've never been kicked out for being idle though, lol. As a side note, you might be able to google your computer and your operating system, and set some parental controls that way. Many people have their child's computer (or their child's user account on their own computer) set up in a way that they can only go to websites that you give them permission to. Hopefully I've worded that in away that it makes sense.

    2 - You can check out the lesson plans for every subject at every grade level. There's not an approximate time for how long each lesson can take because one of the benefits of T4L is that it works at your child's pace, with them. When you log into your parent account, you can check her work for the day, to see how much time she spent on each activity. If you have concerns about how long it's taking her, what you could do is sit WITH her for a few lessons, to gauge how long it took her. If, when you're not with her, she's taking a lot longer to complete them, then you can question if it's taking longer because she legitimately needs the extra time, or if it's because she's become distracted.

    3 - Yep! In your parent dashboard, you'll see an option to create a plan. Alternatively, you can just have her do the activities and lessons in the order that Time4Learning presents them. That's why my boys (grades 6 and 11) do.

    4 - Yes, if you need the plan to do that it will.

    5 - For the scored activities, T4L uses percentages. You translate those percentages to whatever letter grade scale you set. You're the teacher of record with T4L, so you can use any grading scale you like.

    6 - T4L is SO flexible. That's why it's worked so well for us. When you sign up, you automatically have access to a grade below and a grade above where you start. So if she starts in 7th grade, she'll automatically have access to 6th, 7th and 8th grade material in all subjects. If 8th grade math is still too easy for her, definitely contact support! They will work with you to make sure she's where she needs to be.

    I hope that helped. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. That's why we're here.
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    Thank you, Katie!
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