Should I use this site? Need help soon please.
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    Default Should I use this site? Need help soon please.

    My son is 15 and has Autism. We moved to FL this summer and opted out of public school for several reasons. We sign him up for the Florida Virtual School. The problem is they make no allowances for kids on different learning levels than their grade level and the material is too hard for him to understand. He went from straight A's in Ohio to straight F's in Florida. Please give advice.

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    My DD is 14 and we tried GA Virtual School one year with the same problems. We pulled out at the end of Dec. She has been using T4L for about 3 years now. We supplement with things she is interested in learning, or areas she needs more help.

    Time4Learning would probably a good fit for your son. He would have access to 3 different grade levels within each subject. For example, if he is on a 4th grade level, he would have access to grades 3, 4, and 5. Why don't you and your son try some of the lesson demos and see what you think. There is also a 2 week trial period if you decided to join.

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