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    Unhappy So confused

    I am so disappointed in my son's current school system. I felt like everywhere I turned there was no help and his second grade teacher really gave us the blues. I am struggling with son's reading comprehension does t4l offer a good curriculum for this? i have been working with him but it is like pulling teeth he is not interested at all....any tips thanks.

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    there are t4l phonics and fluency in grade 2 which i think is pretty good with reading comprehension,
    you can add worksheets for additional practice each day.
    heres what ive used last year for extra practice.
    Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets
    start with the beginning level, this is not just a comprehension practice, its a writing practice as well.

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    Boys are typically slower readers than girls are. I think the animated characters in the reading program really help keep it interesting for my son. Especially in the lower grades. My son hates to read or have anything to do with reading. I think he will come along with time. But I don't force the issue. I read a lot of his work to him. This works out well for us.
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