So where do I start
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    Default So where do I start

    Okayy I think I'm ready.Where do I start with my 2 kids?Do I have to write the state?If so how long after doing that can I withdraw them from public school?Will they have to go to the public school to test durning any of this time?Will I get visits from the state?Should I give my homeschool name my daycare name?I 'm just un sure what to do.I live in Sanford NC. So I know the laws are different in every start.Help plz

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    Default Re: So where do I start

    Hey, Wendy, check out the North Caroline parent support group. You will find other NC parents there who can answer questions specific to your state. I would have moved your thread, but I wanted you to be able to find it. Why don't you repost your question there?

    Meanwhile, you might be interested in the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide.

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