Start with one student, then add the other?
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    Question Start with one student, then add the other?

    Hi! We are thinking about using T4L but I wanted to know if it was advisable to sign up with one kid now, learn the system, and get him started and then add the other student a few weeks later? Or is it better from an organizational stand point to start both at the same time?

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    Hi, Alli. When I found Time4Learning about ten years ago, I thought it was perfect for one of my sons. I started him and the other kids liked watching him do his lessons so well that I quickly added the rest of them. I do think there was a slight advantage to ME, because I had already learned how the program worked before managing several kids' accounts.

    It probably doesn't matter a whole lot, though, as long as you give yourself some time at the beginning to read the parent hints, view the instructional videos, and set up your kids' schedules (if you decide to use schedules). The children's accounts are completely separate from each other, so there is no advantage to starting them at the same time.

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