Starting late in Maine
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    Default Starting late in Maine

    Hi, I am about to sign up my 8th grade daughter. For the last 2 months we tried unschooling but we both decided that it wasn't for her. She found t4l on her own and would like to continue the school year this way. I guess my main concern is will starting late be a problem when it's time to have her homeschool evaluation at the end of the school year? Or will I just need to confirm that she satisfied my state's requirements for days spent schooling? Slightly off topic but what if my daughter completes the 8th grade work early? Do students often do 2 years of homeschooling in one academic year? Thanks for any advice.

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    Hello, Maisyk. First, I'm sorry you haven't gotten a response sooner.
    Let me give you the link for the Maine Forum. You may be able to get a response specific to your state there.
    I'm not familiar with the homeschool laws for your state. I live in Florida. Here's a link for Homeschooling in Maine. You should be able to find information that you're looking there.
    I also like to refer people to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. We're members of HSLDA. They have always been a great support and quick to answer all our questions.

    I'm impressed that your daughter found T4L on her own. She seems to be a self-motivator and does well as an independent learner. I can't say how quickly she'll move through her courses/subjects. I wish I could help you more there, but I'm not familiar with your state laws. I know for my state of Florida it is not a problem. As long as we're showing progress from one year to the next. And there have been times that we've continued with a subject through the summer (math) to get it done. I wouldn't have worried about it in the lower grade levels, but I do have a couple of high schoolers and they need to finish their math for their transcripts.

    I hope the links i gave you are of help to you.
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    It's good to have you join the T4L family... I would have to say that yes, often self motivated students can finish 2 grades in a year. You can track her "hours" spent to satisfy the daily requirement, and then make up days by spending the time needed. Typically 4 hours of school constitutes one whole day (at least in Georgia.) However, you should have the ability to allow her to advance a grade if you feel that she is ready. I'm sure other homeschoolers in Maine have run into this issue. They may be able to help you better! In any way - good luck - and happy homeschooling!!
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