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    Question starting mid-year

    My oldest is in 5th grade at public school currently. He is giften in some areas and LD in others. He also is supposed to be getting OT for handwriting and SPD (that has been hit or miss). Throw in bullying/teasing and he is literally miking himself sick at the thought of going to school. We are now considering pulling him and home schooling. One of his classmates is now HS for the exact same reasons and his mom has been a trmendous help.

    My question is this - How do I figure out what lessons to start him off on? He LOVES to read and cant get enough SS and Science (which he hasn't had in school since OCTOBER!) but math is a tough one for him. We are starting him off as an after school supplement until we make a final decision (we have an advocate helping us), but wea re both leaning toward f/t before the year is out.

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    Since you have access to a level above and below in Time4Learning, he can work ahead in his strong areas and you could have him work on lessons a grade level back in his weaker areas then you could get a a better sense where he should be. I wouldn't worry about mid-year otherwise, because if you ultimately homeschool you will have more flexibility.

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    I think I would probably start at the beginning of fifth grade. On the subjects he is really good at you could let him do the tests. If he does well skip to the next section. If he doesn't do well you could go back and do the lessons. On the subjects he is struggling with you could try the fifth grade work. If it is too hard for him, drop back to the beginning of fourth grade. Then skip through until you find a level that is comfortable for him with a bit of a challenge.

    Bullying is becoming so frequent. You would be amazed at the numbers of people that I meet who started homeschooling because of bullying. My own grandchildren are home now because of bullies. You need to do whatever you need to do to protect your child. But then you already know that.
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    I seem to be longwinded these days so I am going to keep it short, or try to anyway! We are accidental homeschoolers for 5 years. I say if your gut is telling you it is time to pull him for his own protection and his academic well being, then listen to your gut
    As for where to start him, the other ladies gave great advice, start earlier than where he is in public school, if it is easy, zip through until you hit challenging. At the point you hit challenging, you found his level. Don't expect him to be on the same level in every subject. My daughter loves the SS and science too, and would only do those unless I insisted otherwise. We would never do math if it was her choice!
    Good luck, and don't forget that we are here to help!!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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