Starting a preschooler
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    Default Starting a preschooler

    I have a 4 year old that I want to homeschool in preschool this year. Does this program offer a complete course for the only source of school or would I need to use this just as a suppliment course?

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    Hi amiangdon, I don't think any course is a "complete" course in the eyes of a homeschool parent. Seems we are always looking at something new to add to the eclectic mix. T4L is a great pre-k program. There are two levels of that program. There is much repetition since most kids that age need repetition. I believe there are theme activities you can do with your child off the computer too. My daughter is in the upper level, so I am not as knowledgeable about the lower level. If your daughter does great and masters quickly, you can always move her up to the K level. You will most likely want to supplement with story hour, letter writing practice, hands-on type activities. Most of those things can be accomplished with helping Mom around the house and on the go. Have your child help you count out plates for the dinner table, count the mushrooms you are going to saute, tell you the colors of the towels as you fold them, match socks in pairs, spy a specific letter on a can of soup ("T" on a can of tomato soup) at the grocery store, count out apples to buy at the store, name the different colors of the vegetables and fruits at the store...

    Maybe someone else can chime in with more expert info.

    Best wishes

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    The excellent part in homeschooling is that you have the ability to take the lesson plan and teach it whatever way you feel will be more effective towards your childs learning process! You can play about with it, Add what you think will aid their learning.
    The course is designed as a guide so you know what areas you need to focus on and what you need to teach them for the year it is not a day by day structured learning plan. You should have a look at other lesson plans and see what ones you think your child would gain the most from, but more importantly that you can teach and support them along the way.

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