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    Question State & District Requirements

    Hey all,

    I have a Kindergarten student currently enrolled in public school. We are having to unexpectedly move and instead of putting her into a new school just for a couple months, I really wanted to let her do a homeschool program such as T4L to finish out the school year. I plan to enroll her at our new local school for 1st grade when the time comes.

    I was pretty excited to learn how easy it is to start homeschooling and fulfill the requirements, especially after finding the Time 4 Learning website. Upon further investigation though, I have a few concerns.

    My first concern is the curriculum that T4L offers. It seems that, for Kindergarten, it only offers Math and Language Arts?
    I was reading on my state's Department of Education website, that I am required to cover all 5 areas of curriculum.

    "The Georgia Department of Education does not supply the curriculum, materials or resources for home school. The law requires the following five content areas:
    • Mathematics,
    • English Language Arts,
    • Science,
    • Social Studies, and
    • Reading

    The parent must obtain a curriculum that has the five content areas however you may teach other content areas. "

    This is really discouraging. Should I look for another program that offers a wider variety? Is there an easy, cost-effective solution to supplementing the rest that anyone might be able to recommend?

    My other concern is in regards to getting her back into public school for the 2014-2015 school year. I've never had any experience in transferring schools mid-year, much less with adding homeschool into the mix. It is my understanding that I should contact the school district in which we will be enrolling to ensure that whatever curriculum I use will be approved? I have contacted the Coweta County Superintendent at the Board of Education, and am waiting for hear back. Is there anything else I may be missing? I would hate to go through all this, and have the school say that she doesn't meet requirements to pass Kindergarten and move onto 1st grade.

    Does anyone have experience with these types of issues and can pass on any wisdom? I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I move and get this stuff started. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi. Looking at Georgia homeschool laws, you won't be subject to many of the requirements if you are only going to homeschool for two months. You'll need to provide notification, but you won't homeschool long enough to need to do testing.

    T4L has some great science and social studies lessons available for first grade. Many kindergartners are ready for those. There aren't a lot of lessons, but they should get you through two months. My kindergartners and I simply read a lot of books together on science and social studies topics. If you look at this typical course of study that World Book Encyclopedia provides, you can see that most of the kindergarten science and social studies can be taught through discussion. The first grade T4L lessons do cover many of them, though.

    You might also ask for access to the preschool curriculum, because many of the preschool themes are on science and social studies topics. Also, you will see that kindergarten language arts integrates some science and social studies into its lessons.

    If you provide notification as required, I can't imagine there being any problem enrolling your child in first grade in the fall. Of course, no one can guarantee that you won't encounter a difficult school employee, but I see nothing in the homeschool laws that would ultimately prevent your daughter from being able to enter first grade. I'm not an attorney, of course . . . just an experienced homeschool mom!

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