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    Default Summer

    I know that some homeschooling parents actually keep in line with the school system's summer vacation; while some others vacation whenever they want.

    Our family homeschools year round, choosing our break times. Some parent's who aren't homeschoolers use T4L for summer only.
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    We just signed up with Time4Learning and my daughter is very excited about getting started. We took several long vacations during the "school year" so I've voted "See how well the year went and then decide." We are at the end of our 2nd year of homeschooling and we've played it all by ear so far and I am certain we will continue to do so.

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    Great poll!!

    I voted "Have summer break". We started homeschooling really late in the school year and my son was looking forward to his summer break, so he is taking one. It will be shorter than the school system break however. Public schools here start in mid-August while homeschooling laws in our state designate July 1st through June 30th as the school year. While not bound by law to start schooling on exactly July 1st we do have to complete 1,000 hours of instruction during the school year so I figure the sooner we get started the more flexibility to "build in" some days off throughout the homeschool year. Our plan is to take the entire month of June for summer break and begin schooling in July, after our family vacation. I know, I know, everything is a learning opportunity, including family vacations, but I don't have to tell HIM that, lol.

    Right now, we are planning his days off around the 2006-2007 school system calendar, simply because I KNOW my son will find it hard to do schoolwork on the days his public schooled friends are out of school. Being teenagers they enjoy talking on the phone, chatting on-line, etc. and I don't see those being very productive days for him anyway.

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    Default we school through summer

    we continue in the summer, that way we can take breaks and have slow days whenever we feel the need. I had to make a sign for my door though, it says my two older kids are unavailable at the moment. The neighborhood kids knock and ring the bell constantly now that they are out of school! (This is our first summer in this house, who knew?)

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    Since we started in Feb.2007, I polled for going through the summer, plus my son is one who needs a little each day otherwise he falls into the rut of thinking he doesn't have to do it. When we started homeschooling he was in 2nd grade in the public school however he didn't know most of the basics that a second grader should know. So we are starting fresh and would like to have him caught up to his grade level by Sept. 2007.So we have alot of work ahead of us

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    Default Daughter needs the extra

    We are going to do our best to make school fun this summer but we really need to continue for our daughter to get up to grade level. We will take a break in June from T4L but then back to it in July. She will read to us daily and work on math review all summer.

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    I have two in school full time and one at home. We do a short version of homeschool in the summer having the kids work on their weak areas. We just signed up for T4L several months ago so I'm looking forward to using it this summer.


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    Default Summer....

    I am a retired nana with two boys who recently moved to PA from Ga. One has ADHD and the associated learning disabilities you might expect plus going into 9th grade reading and computing on a 5th grade level but smart as a whip and the other is simply a bit behind and going into 3rd grade.

    The eldes will do virtual charter schooling with me at home this fall...and the youngest, since I am leery of taking on two boys with such diverse ages this fall, will go to the local public school and I may try to do both boys at home the following year.

    I signed up both boys here and we are doing school this summer....each boy is expected to spend 4 hours a day. It could be here, doing Barton tutoring, working in Brainpop or reading for an hour independently combined with any of the above.

    So far I am seeing great progress in my little guy after only two days. We are reviewing first grade math, learning 3rd grade Language Arts. We'll move on to 2nd grade math...and maybe third...this summer as time allows. He LOVES working in this media and I can see lightbulb moments when something that was hard is now clear. My eldest has his priority on summer so right now we are struggling to get him engaged regularly.

    My expectation is that the youngest will not lose ground he has already gained by not taking 3 months off...and will fill in knowledge gaps as well. I am hopeful I can regain lost ground in fundamentals with the eldest. Time will tell.


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