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    My kindergartener is very bright and now that the novelty of kindergarten has worn off she is hopelessly bored. She is "too sick" to go to school every morning and I always get calls and emails from her teacher saying that she keeps wanting to go home. Her teacher differentiates and there is s "high" group, however my daughter no longer is in that group because she is so far ahead. So she just gets a bunch of center time.

    While I may eventually pull her out and homeschool, for now I'm hoping to supplement so she can learn at home and view school as play/social time. (We are VERY rural so homeschooling would be very lonely, there are no co-ops etc within 50 miles).

    What I'm wondering is: Is t4l at the 1/2 grade level "fun" for most kids or is it more like "work". Would she be able to learn a decent amount if she only did 30-60 min a day? Is this something she could do mostly independently while I help my older children with homework?


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    Hi. Yes, the lessons are fun and cartoony at that grade level. In your daughter's case, it sounds like she would probably do fine, even if you just allowed her free access and let her skip the things that didn't interest her. Many first or second graders complete the online lessons in an hour or two per day. The program is designed to be done independently by the student. Some can be more independent than others. The students who require help usually just need help accessing the lesson. Then, the program guides them.

    Have you looked at the demo lessons? You do have up to two weeks to try Time4Learning. If you cancel within the first two weeks of signing up, you receive a full refund.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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