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Thread: From T4L back to Public School

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    Default From T4L back to Public School

    We are thinking of using the T4L system to get both of our daughters through middle school but had questions on how the credits or curriculum they use would be accepted back to the public school system? We live in Texas and homeschooling is legal but nowhere have we found how to go from homeschooling back to public school. This is very important as our girls want to go to public high school.

    Also, does the T4L system have advanced classes for each grade level and is there the ability to advance a grade? For example, my daughter would be going into the 8th grade this coming school year, so if she were to finish the requirements for 8th & 9th grades through T4L could she go into 10th grade at public school?

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    Until high school, most schools will simply enroll previously homeschooled students at the grade level that corresponds to their age.

    If you want a school to accept homeschool work for high school credits, you sometimes have to do some negotiating. This is also technically the case if you are transferring from a private high school or any other alternate high school program to public high school . . . they are really not obligated to accept the credits. Most schools will work with you, but there aren't any clear guidelines and sometimes it's a matter of which individual you speak with at the school. If one person won't work with you, try the next one up. I have found that they are more willing to look at what the student has already done and award credits to get them into school than to look at what you intend to have the student do and promise to award credits when the child is ready for high school.

    Time4Learning provides printable reports detailing time online and percentage grades to help with this negotiation. We suggest you print a report for each T4L subject once weekly. You can also print the scope and sequence (description of each subject). Again, you probably won't need these things if you aren't trying to get the school to award high school credit for the homeschool work.

    There is one advanced class . . . Honors Algebra, meant for advanced middle schoolers. Students can work at any grade level you feel is appropriate for them, and you can easily change grade levels yourself. We do not have "requirements" for grade levels. There is a specific number of "eighth grade" activities, laid out in a specific sequence, and many parents choose to just follow that recommended sequence. We don't require that the student "finish" any amount of work before moving on to the next grade level. Those decisions belong to the parent.

    A student of any age can take high school courses, but . . . a student taking even one high school course is considered "in high school" for billing purposes. So, they are charged the high school rate of thirty dollars for any four courses, but they can substitute lower level courses for any subjects for which they are not ready for high school level courses yet. Does that make sense?

    The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High .
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