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Thread: T4L and Common Core Question

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    Default T4L and Common Core Question

    Hi! I know there is a thread below about common core, but it didn't really answer my question, so I hope it's okay I post another.

    I don't homeschool my son, he's in public school, but he is a visual learner and is struggling with math. I've been looking at this site off an on for years and I'm considering signing him up to supplement his learning.

    The main issue I have with helping him is that I don't know common core math (eureka math) and I really don't want to or have the time to learn it all. So my question is, does the math section on this site, cover what he will be learning in math at a Georgia public school? Which uses common core standards?

    I don't need any opinions on CC, just want to know if this tool will still be useful for him in his math lessons if we sign up.

    Thanks so much & appreciate your time!

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    Hi Ashley! Even though I'm in GA, I can't honestly speak to how exactly the math is broken down and taught in public schools. I can say that the math program is aligned to state and national standards, and that while the program won't make your kiddo answer in a certain way, it definitely shows different ways to get to the same answer. I hope I'm using the right words, lol.

    Also, there is a two week money back guarantee, so I would definitely suggest giving it a try...you can explore the math lessons and see if you think it will work. If it doesn't you aren't out anything. Good luck!
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