T4L Correspondence course?
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    Question T4L Correspondence course?

    I know that Time4Learning is not a school and it is a curriculum, but is it considered a correspondence course? I'm concerned because I need it to be able to be accepted for option #3 on the NOI form for our school district. Thank you so much for your help.

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a correspondence course or NOI form. I'm assuming that NOI means Notice of Intent to Home Educate your child (homeschool).

    Time4Learning is an online educational program consisting of math and language arts curriculums from preschool through eighth grade. As a bonus, T4L includes science and social studies. Students use it for homeschooling, as an after school tutorial for remediation and enrichment, or as a summer school replacement. Time4Learning has thousands of members across the country and globe.

    I would say that, yes, it most certainly would be accepted as an educational resource by your school district. We've been using Time4Learning for 5 years now. Our school district in Florida does not concern itself with the type of curriculum we use, but that our child is showing progress....and my children most certainly are.
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