t4L has helped my struggling reader!
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    Default t4L has helped my struggling reader!

    I'm posting a link to my recent blog post about my dd's journey as a struggling reader. I've seen a huge jump in her confidence and reading ability since we began using Time4Learning only a couple months ago. I hope this helps and encourages someone. At the end of my post is a video of her reading the story to herself then telling me what it said. She also demonstrates how the read aloud function works. I can't begin to express the joy in my heart to see my child read words such as "beautiful" and "coral" when only a few months ago simple words were bringing her to tears.

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    I also have a review written in a previous post on the same blog.

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    It is so nice to see that T4L has helped your daughter in her reading. I know there are parents out there struggling also with the same issue and hope this is encouraging for them. Thank you for the delightful post!
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    We also have had the same response here with our daughter and we've only been doing Time4Learning about six weeks. Her reading has improved a great deal, we still have a ways to go but at least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and so can she.
    Actually, both of our children use Time4Learning, my husband and I can both really see an improvement in the level of their understanding in what they're doing, I'm proud of where they've come from to where they've gotten. The kids are even excited now to see how well they do on the quizzes and tests.

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