T4L just for science & social studies?
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    Default T4L just for science & social studies?

    My 7yo is using k5 learning for math and language arts. We're very happy with it. I tried t4l a few months ago with my kindergartner and didn't care for it. The way the entire curriculum was laid out for us to choose from- we both just found it too overwhelming.

    Anyway, I'm wondering about purchasing t4l just for the science and social studies for my 7yo, as k5 doesn't cover those topics. Would this work, or am I just going to get frustrated with it again? Also, I was wondering how long each little section takes? I'm hoping it is pretty quick - say 10 minutes. My son has ADHD and learns best with bite-sized lessons. He's bright, so doesn't need a lot of review anyway.

    comments? Suggestions?



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    Jenny, when you purchase T4L you get all of it. You don't have to use it all though. I would suggest you use these tips and tricks for learning how to navigate the site. If you spend a little time going over these tips, you will not be frustrated, but will find out how wonderful T4L is and how much they take the load off of you.

    As for your son and ADHD, have him only work in small time increments throughout the day. My daughter has ADHD and I didn't have her complete every subject everyday, but rather had a schedule for her to follow. It was something like this:

    (she was in the upper level)

    Monday--math, art, history
    Tuesday--science, language arts, math
    Wed.--math, language extensions, history
    Thurs.--language arts, science, art
    Friday--math, language extensions, electives outside of T4L

    I also didn't have her complete each day's activities in one sitting.

    Keep us posted.
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    Thanks, Jackie. My son is hard to bring back to the table once he's left, so I tend to find a time when he's most amenable to studying, and cram as much in as I can before he loses interest. It's not pretty, but it seems to be working! I could certainly take another look at the rest of T4L, but I feel like we have a good system now with K5. That being said, he's already almost halfway through 3rd grade math on K5, so it may not be long before he's completed all the math there (they go up to 5th grade) and we'll be looking for something else.

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    I plan to use T4L next year for my core however the Science and Social Studies section from what I have seen will need to be supplemented. I am pretty sure its thorough and meets standards but its very short. I am excited about this though because I will fill in the gaps with some other materials I found I am excited to learn from. I do not know if my child will be just as excited though.
    I would advise to go to your local home school fairs and bookstores and find one that excites your family too.

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