Is T4L right for us?
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    Default Is T4L right for us?

    Hi Everyone,

    Great site and forums. We have not signed up for the trial yet ... we are still in the information gathering phase - but we thought we would ask some questions to see if T4L is right for us - or if we should look at other options.

    We have two little guys (6 & 4) our oldest is in grade 1 and enjoys school immensely but he is having challenges with reading (everything else he is doing well in). Part of the problem is that he is super active and can't sit still to concentrate (he has NOT been labelled ADD! - he is just a precocious). He very much enjoys playing with the computer so we are trying to find some resources that he can practice is schooling (math and language arts) in a fun, go at your own pace environment.

    In otherwords, we are not looking to make the plunge yet to home schooling but are looking for additional 'structured' (we stay structured because we have NO clue how to teach our children - LOL) resources that can help us help our little guy.

    We have considered getting him a 'tutor' but really if we can find something on-line - that would be our preference as it would allow him to run at his own pace and do something he really enjoys.


    Curt & Sarah (HelpingtheBoys).

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    sounds like you guys are standing on the edge of the pool with your suits on ... TAKE THE PLUNGE!! lol

    all of my kids are "hyperactive" ... without the ADHD distinction. they're just kids. plain and simple. my only complaint is that i don't have nearly enough energy to keep up with them, lol. homeschooling has really allowed us to let them have that, because they can work for a little while and then run around for a little while. its nothing for them to be in the middle of writing a journal and then hop up and do some jumping jacks or something to get the "wiggles" out. when they were younger it happened a LOT more frequently, but as they're growing, we're finding that they're able to sit for longer periods of time - wiggle-free. they wouldn't be able to get up and de-wiggle in a regular classroom.

    as for reading ... some kids just take longer than others, but he will catch up eventually. my oldest was reading instantly at the age of 3. one day he couldn't read, the next day he could. but my second child struggled FOR - EV - ER!!! frustrated me because i couldn't figure out how to teach her. but we just kept working and eventually she figured it out. she's 8 now and still struggles from time to time, but for the most part, she's good. we read with her every day. we would send her on word scavenger hunts. lots of word games. whether you homeschool or not, be diligent in working with your child.

    let us know how the decision-making progress goes, and if you have any questions let us know - we're here to help!!!!
    ~ Yca ~
    (otherwise known as Jess )

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    Thanks for the great information YCA.

    Thats exactly what we are looking for ... games that will keep him interested, worksheets that we can download, and exercises we can do with him on a regular basis. Right now we get very little from our school and anything we do get from the school - he just dreads doing them. If they were computer related - he would love that.

    Does T4L provide those types of exercises, worksheets, etc. etc?

    I guess the reality is - we need to learn how to teach our children and are looking for help with that as well .

    C & S

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    T4L could very well help your child. I have used it and to teach my DS to read. It cannot hurt to give it a try.

    My caution would be to take it easy. Your son is in an exhausting environment all day where many demands are placed on him. A child like him benefits most from lots of free time to run and explore and climb and jump and just be an energetic kid. Adding something more to his plate could (whether it be T4L, a tutor, whatever...) could be too much. Just food for thought.

    Take the plunge on the trial. Ask more questions here.

    Good luck!

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