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    I like the T4L system but my 12 year finds some of the activities childish. She really like Khan Academy because there are real people and it doesn't the silly characters. It would be nice if the T4L team can change the graphic a bit for the older kids. Also some actual videos with people for some of the other subjects (e.g. Social Studies and LA). These topics are just reading and don't keep anyone engaged. Another thing My child likes about Khan is the reward options. The idea of receiving avatar upgrades and badges are a great way to keep kids motivated. The T4L system should provide an easy access area for suggestion.

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    Hi. Time4Learning provides a complete language arts and math curriculum, with science and social studies available at most grade levels as a free bonus. The free social studies lessons are not expected to be updated. New middle school science lessons were added just recently, and they do include videos of real people. Many of the updates added this month in math and language arts contain videos of real people. You can look at the lesson plans to identify the new lessons. They are marked "New" in red.

    Time4Learning uses curriculum developed by Compass Learning Odyssey, who only provides it to schools. Time4Learning has purchased a license that allows them to offer it to families and individuals. Although Time4Learning has added many helps to aid families in using the curriculum, they are unable to modify the curriculum itself (since it belongs to and is under the control of Compass Learning). Time4Learning has added the scheduler, the plyground, etc.

    Suggestions can be made in this forum or emailed to [email protected]. Suggestions dealing with the actual curriculum content are passed on to the developer.

    Time4Learning provides the playground as student motivation. Parents can set the amount of time they want their student to work on lessons before they are rewarded with access to the playground. Parents can also specify the maximum amount of time their student can use the playground before getting back to their lessons.

    The curriculum does grow up with the child, while continuing to include some silly lessons for students who learn best that way. We get as many complaints from families disappointed when T4L becomes less animated as from families who would prefer it to be more serious. The developer provides lessons in a variety of types, to try and reach all kinds of learners.

    There is also a certificate generator within the parent login, where a parent can generate a certificate for any accomplishment. These are most often used to recognize completion of a grade level in a subject. Log in to your parent account and click on View My Tools and then click on the Create a Certificate icon.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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