Texas and homeschooling
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    Default Texas and homeschooling

    We are looking into this program, my husband is a stay at home dad to our 7month old as well as our 7 and 10 year old. We had looked into connections academy, and had planned on joinin that program, but our youngest is only going into 2nd grade so we can't put him in that program because in TX they only offer 3rd grade till 10th grade. We also wanted the flexability of schedule which the connections academy is a public school home school program, so we still have to take off 3 months in the summer. We are interested in homeschooling because our oldest has a very hard time staying focused and as long as we take him to the gym in the morning before school he did fine (until they had to sit and wait 20 minutes for the teacher with nothing to do). We found that if we give him more challenging work he stays focused better. We also have family from Idaho to Pheonix to California to other parts of TX, and thought if we homeschooled it would allow for field trips to various areas of the US as every time we take a trip we find learning spots along the way to stop and learn about new things. We don't have a TV for long road trips we talk about what we are seeing and where we are going and such. We also don't like the 3 month break in the summer time, we don't want the kids to have more than 3 weeks off without school or a routine because then it is so much harder to get back into the routine. I guess what I am trying to get at is we want to know how this program is working for others, and if it will work for us. Both of our boys are at a higher level of reading, but need work on their writing, is there a way to work on their writing through this program or is it mostly we create our own writing (we don't want them to lack in that area just because we are doing an online program) Thanks for any thoughts or insite as we are trying to make the best informed decision for our wonderful boys.
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    We have used T4L since the beginning. We love how easy and flexible it is. We work when we want to and if we feel like going to the ark instead of doing school, we do. We go on many many field trips to historical sites and environmental centers. I think this has added so much to his education. My son also designs and builds rockets and is a member of three different rocket clubs. I can't tell you how much he has learned from doing this. At this point we are planning on staying with T4L until 8th grade. Actually we are hoping that by the time he is ready T4L will have developed a high school program so he can go all the way through with them. We also have a serious problem with attention. I often say that he has the attention span of a gnat. I sit behind him reminding him of what he is doing all the time. And when he needs to, he goes out for a walk around our apartment building or to build a lego tower or something like that. When he comes back he is much more ready to sit down and focus. Since T4L is online, there is no reason they can't do some school work while visiting with grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And then visit all those historical sites along the way. Or work every day for a week or two and then take a week off to go visiting. After all, those trips are all educational as well. And who better to learn about the "good ole days" then a beloved grandparent.

    We totally love T4L. I can't express enough how great it has been for us. One of the great things is that if you son needs harder work, you can bump him up a year or if something is too hard, you can bounce back a year until he is ready for the harder stuff.

    I have not tried anything but T4L, but my daughter has used several different programs. She has come back to T4L for her younger two. Her 13 year old uses something else because of his learning style. But this is what she feels is best for the younger ones. Give it a try. Look at the lesson plans and check out the demos. THen go join the Parent Group for your state. And welcome to T4L.

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    Welcome to the Time4Learning.com forum.

    We love time4learning.com. We homeschool year round, this gives us the ability to take off when needed and extra time at Christmas time. I love that we are able to pic and choose the amount of work to be done each day. No time line on what has to be done when. Only the time line we set for ourselves. Some days are better then others. Some days my son can sit and do his work w/o a problem. Other days he has trouble sitting and has to take lots of breaks. But again time4learning.com gives us that freedom. There is also the fact that sometimes my son just does NOT feel like listening to me. He is a pre-teen after all. But w/ time4learning.com he listens to them teach.

    I hope you are finding all that you need if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. And stop by the state group and join for more info on what is going on in your state.

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    Hi Kym -
    I'm the moderator over at the Texas group. I hope you'll come check us out and post your questions there. We've got a great group of moms over there to help you out, especially with anything specific to Texas. There's one lady in particular who homeschools while travelling the country because her family shows dogs at dog shows. I bet she could help you figure out how to homeschool on the road, so you can visit family in various states. If I'm not mistaken, there's a thread over there about Connections Academy too. Come on over!
    Texas homeschool support group online - Parent Community and Forum

    My family has been with T4L for 4 years now and we love it! It helps take some of the load off my shoulders as a homeschooling mom and that's absolutely priceless!
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