To John Edelson and the rest of the T4L Staff.
I want to sincerely thank you for this curriculum and for everything you do. I have struggled since my DD started kindergarten to find a curriculum that didn't intimidate or overwhelm me and this is it. I pulled my daughter out of public school in December and I have been using T4L and it is a Godsend for us!
I wanted to deliver a quote from Sarah that just melted my heart and to let you know how you are touching lives in families. My daughter is eight years old and in T4L2.
"Mommy, thank you for loving me enough to do this for me, I know you don't have too, You must really love me a lot!" You see, we are what you call "accidental homeschoolers" and have struggled with the public school system since kindergarten and I am so thankful that I found you. Every day we do this and spend quality time together I have more and more peace in my heart that I did the right thing.
Carol From
Front Royal VA