Is there a way....
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    Default Is there a way....

    to see what activities my child has already covered? This may have been answered already and I am sorry if I sound like a parrot lol....There is just a lot of information to get through here...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi, Heather. Welcome to the forum!

    Do you mean you want to actually do the activities yourself, or do you want a report of what your child has done?

    Here is information about accessing your student's reports. There are three pages, so click on the little arrow at the top, righthand side.

    If you want to actually do the lesson yourself, just log in as your student and go through it. DO NOT mark the lesson "Complete", or it will show up on your student's report. Here is information about how to mark lessons "Complete". You do NOT want to do that if you are looking at the lesson yourself.

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