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    Default Thinking about homeschool

    My 12 year old seventh grader has struggled in school since Kindergarten. I have tried everything I know how to do to help him succeed. I have tried public school and private school. He is on the verge of failing the seventh grade and I want to help him. I am interested in learning more about home schooling. The school experience has left him with very little self confidence. He has given up on himself. The school is wanting to put him in a Behavioral class because he no longer interacts with his teachers. I want to avoid this blow to what little self respect he has left; however, I don't want to jump hastily into a home school program without fully understanding what is involved for him, me, my husband and my 14 year old daughter who wants to stay at her public high school. HELP!

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    first of all, i'm sincerely sorry that you're having such a rough time. parenting has so many challenges and there are so many moments in the day when we want to tear our hair out and scream. sounds like you're having one of -those- days. you will get thru this, i promise.

    we began homeschooling due to behavior problems. my then-2nd grade son was not communicating well with other students, felt picked on by his teachers, and was slowly slipping into a depressive state. i could no longer stand by and watch him feel defeated. it didn't matter how many times i met with staff, it didn't matter how many days i spent in the classroom with him - the situation only got worse. finally i decided if i was going to have to be there every second of the day anyway, i might as well do it at home in my jammies where i'm comfortable!!

    the decision to homeschool is certainly a big one and not one to take lightly. you need to consider what your life entails right now. do you have the ability to devote the time needed? would you have to make adjustments in work or some of your activities? or would this be just the time opener you need to do even more of the things you want? most families find that their "schooling" days are much shorter so they have more time to do other activities - that's how it is in our house. the biggest decision point for me was: am i running away from a problem or am i finding a solution. that's something you might want to carefully consider. and also know that there might be moments when the answer is both. you have to be ready for the big experiment. while homeschooling is certainly a rising trend, you have to make sure you're comfortable with it. (think: no matter how popular halter tops are, they just aren't for everybody lol)

    another point to consider is that your son is old enough now where you might want to let him have some input in this decision. how does he feel about education in general? is he goofing off? does he have the discipline its going to take to do his own work? are you going to spend the first 3 months putting up with a tween who is ticked because you took him away from his friends? or is he optimistic for a change? lots of families find that their children discover a whole new world of self-confidence.

    obviously, i'm partial to this curriculum, and its a great way to actually find out where your son is. don't hesitate to start him out a lower grade than where you think he's "supposed" to be. if he's suffered as much as you said he has, you might want to start him a little lower to get used to a new way of doing things, a new way of thinking. build that esteem back up and also make sure there are no holes in what he's learned so far. i homeschooled out of texts for one year and it was a nightmare for us all - t4l is an affordable and simple way to find out if this is really for your family. then, from there, you can decide if you want to add more different topics, or switch to a different style of schooling.

    i hope i haven't given you too much, i hope i've helped you a little. don't be afraid to ask us questions or for our stories. you'll find most of us love to get others to "join the dark side" lol.
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