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    Can anyone give me info on homeschooling... How much it cost... How hard it is to teach for the parents... How to get started...

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    Hi, Victoria.jung24.

    Homeschooling is a way of life. Each family has their own way of homeschooling, and different reasons for homeschooling. This Homeschool Guide was written by several veteran homeschool moms who are members here at Time4Learning. That should answer a lot of your questions.

    I would suggest you first review the homeschool laws and requirements for your state. You can simply use Google or any other search engine (Homeschool laws for 'your state'). We live in Florida. In Florida we just had to submit a Letter of Intent to homeschool our children to our county school board. Then at the end of each school year, we have our kids either tested or evaluated by a certified teacher We prefer to use a certified teacher who is familiar with homeschooling, since we know there are many certified teachers who are against homeschooling. We've been careful to find someone who is familiar with and friendly to homeschoolers.

    The second thing I'd suggest is to find a local homeschool support group and attend some of their meetings, get connected and get information from them on any homeschooling events, activities or classes they may offer (like drama club or 4-H clubs).

    There is a plethora of curriculum for homeschoolers to choose from. We like Time4Learning because our daughter enjoys learning and is progressing very well with it. I also like to recommend it to new homeschoolers because as new homeschoolers, it takes the concern of lesson planning and record-keeping out of the equation, while allowing the parents the freedom to be the teacher of record and the students to work at their own pace. It also makes teaching a lot easier, since T4L also provides teaching guides for the parents (all online).

    Lastly, this is a good time to look into homeschooling because there are many homeschool conferences being held across the country right now. I know ours in Florida is at the end of May. Check your city or state for homeschool conventions or conferences. There are wonderful speakers at these and you'll learn a lot.

    Victoria, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. We're all happy to help here. There are a lot of other forums here. You may want to just poke around in here. This is a link to all the forums, including forums for each state.
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