Thinking of having 4 kids in homeschooling
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    Default Thinking of having 4 kids in homeschooling

    I have 4 kids, grade 7, grade 1, kinder2, and a nursery. I want to enrol all of them in homeschooling. The reasons are, the right values were no longer taught in schools, the influence of peers, the projects and other activities and homeworks that are not really that important and time consuming, and the expenses in school service and other important concerns. My question is, can I homeschool my 4 kids all at the same time? I'm planning to resign from my present job next year, but is it possible for me to do it? I also have a problem with regards to my patience. I easily get hot tempered when my kids don't get it.

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    Yes, it can be done. I homeschool three children (5th, 2nd, and prek) and although each of them needs something different from me and I too can get easily hot tempered it is working out well for us. Set yourself down and make out a rough schedule you'd like to go by. your 7th grader should be able to work mostly on their own, the first grader will need more one on one, and the other two will need the most one on one time (but they'll also only handle x amount of "school" so this will make it easier for you to block out) if you give you and your children enough breaks during the day to "get the wiggles out" then you'll do just fine.

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    If you are very organized you will have no problem teaching them all at once though it would be very hard on you not to get a break for yourself every now and then. If you are up for the challange i would say go for it! Your a stronger woman than me to take on so much at once. Good luck and best wishes.

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