thinking of homeschooling my children and need help
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    Default thinking of homeschooling my children and need help

    i have triplets who are 18 months and would like to start homeschooling please advice!!!!

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    18 months old? They are babies! Right now life is about enjoying them. Let them play! Get lots of blocks, puzzles, art stuff, dress up stuff, pretend food to cook with etc. Lots of things you probably already have. And PLAY with them. Then, read to them! Read read read read and read some more. Every day! Then go the park and run and jump and climb.

    That's what life should be for them now. Enjoy them.

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    I have to agree with Momma Crystal. If you are playing with them with food, blocks, colors, shapes, beads, and reading to them, you are already "homeschooling" and that is all you need to do at this point. Play, read, play, read. To paraphrase a popular country music artist's song...these are good time, don't rush them, you will regret missing this time if you rush it too much. Enjoy!!

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