Thinking of joining, have a few questions.
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    Question Thinking of joining, have a few questions.

    We used SOS for almost one school year. (There were things about it we really liked, but other things we did not like.)

    Anyway, I am considering Time 4 Learning now as an alternative.

    We currently use Galloping the Globe and for unit studies. (I really love this and it adds rich literature to our curriculum)

    I would like to use T4L primarily for LA, (and a supplementation for the other subjects.)

    1. Could I consider it enough for LA? Also is spelling included or do I need something else? *I do see that there is a writing curriculum, and I think we may consider that at some point too.)

    2. Is there a calendar to set the start and end dates, (Similar to SOS)? I am just wondering how I will know if they are on target to finish in a year?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Hi, Michelle!

    I'm a heavy Homeschoolshare user, too!

    I think the language arts program is the best part of Time4Learning! There is a core language program and also "language arts extensions". Yes, these two together are "enough", although you can always find ways to enrich any program. I like to have my kids do a daily journal entry and I require a certain amount of reading each day (their choice of reading material).

    You will have access to language extensions at all grade levels and sometimes I don't pay attention to the actual grade level. I just choose an appropriate activity according to its content.

    If you want to do the lessons in sequence, it's easy to simply follow the arrow. I've found that ex-SOS users are sometimes frustrated at first, because they are used to setting up a calendar and schedule at the beginning of the year. T4L is easier than that! Members have access to lesson plans that let you know how many activities there are in each subject. You just divide the number of activities by the number of days in your school year to get an idea of how many activities per day your student needs to complete. They log on and follow the arrow!

    There is a learning curve when starting any new program, but we're here to help you! You'll find that Time4Learning is known for its excellent customer service and support.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    correction: KELLY is here to help you ... i'm here to add annoying comments and snide remarks!!

    ok, ok just kidding ... we're all here to help and be helped - one of the best things about this community!!! the hardest thing for anyone to get used to with t4l is that you don't HAVE to do anything anyway at all. when you're used to scheduling and lesson planning and fighting to stay on track, something so simple can be really difficult to understand. but i assure you, it really is simple, and it is enough ... more so in many instances.
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