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    Default Thinking of Joining T4L

    Is this program enough that it can be a "stand alone" teaching resource for my children or will I need to supply supplimental activites, lessons, books, ectra?

    I am the mommy of 3 beautiful girls, 3 yrs (4 shortly), 2 yrs(3 shortly), and 10 wks (lol no were near ready for school learning :-D).

    I am very interested in homeschooling my girls because I have reasearched the public schools in my particular area and I do not like them. They have suffered because of budget problems and such and I've seen class sizes very large, and I do not feel my girls will recieve the attention and help that they may need.

    I have been looking at other homeschooling online programs as well and would like your opinion on this program. Pros, Cons, reasons why you choose this over others, could it stand alone, degrees of difficulty, if we move in the future would they be able to enter into a school (if i approve of it) at they're level, meaning would the public school system consider this "offical", and any other thoughts you'd be willing to supply.

    We currently reside in California Sacramento area and plan to move hopefully soon to more NOrthern CA where I've looked at schools and have found ones I like.

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    Many parents are nervous about teaching reading. My youngest daughter learned to read with Time4Learning. The approach is systematic and very thorough. ANY reading program will be improved by adding lots of practive . . . reading signs, reading the cereal box, reading library books. Time4Learning does provide the readers necessary to the program online and, for kindergarten, also in printable form (although it's optional to use the printable versions).

    The curriculum used by Time4Learning is aligned to state standards, and it is used in many public and private schools. Most children who use Time4Learning do quite well on standardized tests. At test time, parents frequently share that happy news in the parent forum!

    Before beginning to homeschool, check the rules of your state. You might want to join the California state support group here at the Time4Learning community to ask state-specific questions. Public school systems differ in entrance requirements for previously homeschooled students, but Time4Learning will be considered the same as a textbook-based homeschool curriculum. It might be a little easier for you to print records of their work witih Time4Learning, though.

    Hopefully, others will be along to share their experiences with you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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