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    Hi! I have 2 sons, aged 11.5 (5th) and 8.5 (3rd) that I am considering homeschooling. What is the time commitment each day for schooling? I am a single mom, I work but am self employed and have a very flexible schedule. I'm worried about being able to have a structured schedule for their learning. There may be some days where we can start school first thing in the morning and may be others where we don't start until 3pm.

    Also, do you do any HS over the summer? I know everyday can be a learning experience but was wondering if HS's take summer off as well.

    I hope to one day be working at home as I am an entrepreneur at heart which would make this easier. But until then I have to pay the bills as well!

    And and all thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Oh one last question....my oldest has a late August birthday and we decided to start him late in school so now he is the oldest in the class and is at the top of his class. With HS what determines the "grade" they are in? Would he be able to "graduate" early? Technically he would have been in 6th grade right now had we started him on time but socially we did not think he was ready. Now he is not only the top of his class but a social butterfly. I guess I'm just wondering if HS kids can graduate earlier than their peers if they meet the requirements. Thanks!

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    Hi MamaLuna,

    I was a single mom when I started HS'ing. I worked out of the home but only about 30 hours a week and my hours were flexible. It was hard until I found T4L. I think most kids can be quite self-directed with the format. I'm not familiar with the 3rd grade curriculum or your boys' personalities. At my house, my older child is a top-of-the-class kind of kid and he is really kind and helpful with his younger sister (who has a mild learning disability and moves a little slower.) That helps me. When we started, we made a plan in the morning for who was going to do what. With T4L if you have a laptop and an aircard, it's pretty easy to pick up and go to whatever arrangement you have for them and still do work while you work. Our deal was that if they ever got below a 70 on something, stop and wait until we can look at it together. So if they did poorly in math on a "quiz me," they didn't do the "test me." That didn't mean they couldn't work anymore. They could move to language arts or whatever.

    I know lots of families that HS in the summer. I know a mom that HS's Tuesday through Saturday. You can make whatever schedule works for your family.

    As far as graduation, I think it depends on your state and what high school program you want them in. Some programs have a minimum age to start. Those are programs that give your child a diploma. I have friends using Penn Foster for high school. They had to be 14 to start but then they can move as fast as they want. Oneof their kids graduated about four months after she got her driver's license. She started college two months later and did fine. But that's in Michigan. We don't have many regulations in place here. I know other states are stricter. You might post on your state's forum and get more details that way.

    Let me say that I've never regretted our decision to HS. My ex-husband hated the idea and let all of us know it. I struggled with curriculum and self-doubts and exhaustion and frustrated children and frustrated me at times. T4L truly eliminated most of those issues. We still have issues from time to time, but we don't regret it and my ex-husband is now a believer. If you try and it's not working for you, they can always go back to PS. If you don't try, you'll never know. Good luck.

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    welcome luna!!! glad you've found us - hope we can help you thru this process syd's mom got most of your questions, but a couple of things i'd like to add ...

    your children's schedule depends entirely on you - from your normal day-to-day, all the way up to how your year is planned out. we do only a little bit of work on monday's because i hate them so much, lol. and friday's tend to mostly be a catch-up day and finishing off anything that didn't get done during the week. right now, we have no normal amount of "time" that we school in a day. sometimes its as little as 2 hours, sometimes as much as 4 or 5 ... just depends on what we're getting accomplished that day - but 3 is about normal. for the year: we go year-round - but we take random weeks here and there for holidays or when we're just burnt out (as sometimes happens in our chaotic life lol). look at it this way: don't plan your life around homeschooling, but let homeschooling become part of your lifestyle. its more organic that way, and much more enjoyable.

    most homeschoolers i know tend to just go by how old they are for what "grade" they're in. my daughter is a late august baby too (the 21, yours?), so we've run into that same issue. when it comes time for them to graduate, you'll just have to kind of go with the flow. remember that many community colleges will start dual enrollment as early as 14 or 15 ... from what i've seen, college just becomes another step in progression for kids.

    good luck, and let us know if there's anything else you need
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