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    I am using Time for Learning as a core curriculum for my 2 older children ages 11 and 8. My children have been homeschooled for 3 years now and prefer the computer for there primary learning tool. My 8 year old is having a very hard time right now in reading, and having time for learning is helping him on the road to success. I started using time for learning because it is affordable, user friendly, and up to date with all the new curriculum. My children are very excited everyday to log in and see what is next to learn. And when we view there backpack they are proud to show the results. My daughter has a struggle in math and get's the most out of that, and my son get's the most out of reading because it is his prime learning struggle. We are very excited, and recommend time for Learning to all parents even if it is not there primary learning resource.

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    That's fantastic to hear! That's what it's all about.

    Kris C.
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    I agree Stephanie! My children who are 10 and 6 love this program. It has truely been a godsend to this family. My children love logging on each day to see what they will be learning, and they both get to use the playground area when they are done(that they really love).


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    I feel like a Time4Learning veteran. We used it solid for year and my kids loved loved loved it. It saved our homeschooling program.

    At the end of a year, they got a little stale so we switched off it for a semester. Now we use it every other semester and the kids like the switches.

    Actually, it's more complicated than that but the point is that there seems to be a life cycle of kids loving Time4Learning (which lasted for a year) and then, after some time off it, they get excited about going back to it.

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