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    Default Time4Learning Customer Service A+!

    Hello Everyone,
    We have been using Time4Learning for a while now, and we have to say that their customer service is amazing. We had an issue come up with enrollment and the way they have handled the situation makes me appreciate their dedication and all the work they do. The situation was caused by human error, and they did above and beyond what we expected and provided a remedy to our situation. Thank you Suzanne for your prompt response and explanation. Our family appreciates it and we will continue using Time4Learning as our homeschool curriculum choice! Anyone thinking of using Time4Learning is in good hands!


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    Tawanna, this has always been my experience, too. No matter how small my question, they have always been so gracious and have gone above and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience.

    Time4Learning encourages members with their own personal blog or website to post honest, candid reviews so they can continue to improve on an already wonderful program, in my opinion.
    In fact, your feedback means so much to T4L, you will earn a $25 Visa gift card when you submit your first review. So if you're interested, follow this link: Homeschool Curriculum Reviews - Homeschool Parents Review Homeschooling Curriculum Time4Learning
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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