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Time4Learning is an online curriculum for grades K-8 where the content is delivered over the internet and you pay a subscription fee.

It is a complete curriculum, covering not only math but language arts, science, social studies, and more. It can easily be used to supplement any existing curriculum, too.

The content includes interactive lessons (activities) and quizzes, plus printable worksheets. The scope of their math curriculum is very comprehensive with hundreds of interactive lessons. Studying the lessons is similar to watching a video but with interactive questions.

The mathematics curriculum is provided by CompassLearning Odyssey and is correlated to various state standards and to mathematics standards of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. On all grades, the mathematics topics include number sense, operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data analysis and probability topics.

For grades K-4, Time4learning has a "Playground" - a link list of games and child-safe websites where the child can go only after completing a certain amount of time in the lessons.

For 8th grade, you get both a 'traditional' math curriculum AND a full Algebra 1 course.

Subscription price: $19.95 per month, $14.95 for second child. (Remember you get all school subjects for this - not just math.)

Reviews of Time4Learning math curriculum
Grades: Pre, 2nd, 5th Time: 2 years
Time4Learning is an online curriculum. Actually, its more than that since it has a system for playing games but only after you do your work. Focusing on the math, I have experience with my kids at the preschool, 2nd, and 5th grade levels. The preschool is a systematic set of learning exercises which does patterns, quantity, numerals, features, greater/less than, shapes, etc etc. There are animated exercises and printable worksheets.

The second grade curriculum is more formal with each unit organized around a skill with lessons, interactive exercises, worksheets, and an assessment. Its a broad curriculum whose strength is covering the entire curriculum (arithmetic, measurement, data analysis, algebra, probability etc). In some places, I would like more repetition and depth as in the math facts.

The fifth grade still has elements of the fun and playful but not all of the lessons are truly animated, many are text-based with interactive exercises at this level. Again, the programs strength is that it is a self-running system which takes the kids from lesson to exercise to reinforcement to quiz. And it is a broad thorough curriculum.

Lisa Kinter
Grades: K-1st Time: 1 month
My kindergartner has tremendously enjoyed the math activities at Time4Learning.com. We've explored both kindergarten and 1st grade topics, such as hundred chart, time, your 1/2 and 1/4 fractions, addition, number line jumps. One of her favorites was a pattern explorer where she could make colorful patterns on the hundred chart.

She just loves the idea of going to the playground afterwards (often with Daddy). She enjoys the lessons, too. The cartoonish animated characters and environment appeals to her well, plus the encouragement the program gives when she gets the thing right.

Sometimes she is also encouraged to "guess" instead of thinking, because there is no penalty for wrong answer. She actually likes the silly sound the program makes for wrong answer so she's purposefully answered wrong just to hear the sound.

Maria Miller